Power Battery

High performance,high endurance,high safety

Characteristics and advantages of Power Battery

Product features

Widely used in light transportation or power fields such as small transportation,sightseeing and leisure,logistics and express delivery,sanitation and cleaning,medical equipment and so on.

Multiple safety management functions: overcharge protection/overdischarge protection/overcurrent protection/overtemperature protection/short circuit protection.

Intelligent management balance,accurate SOC power display.

High power output,low internal resistance and heat generation.

The housing adopts a tight ultrasonic seal,which meets the requirements of IP54.

Safe and reliable

Use batteries that meet the requirements of vehicle regulations.

Certified by IEC62133,UL,UN38,3.

Super Long life

High consistency of battery cells including the initial performance of the cell,the charge and discharge dynamics,the attenuation trend and self-consumption.

The cycle life of product can reach more than 4000 times.

High energy density and longer endurance.

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