Lithium Ion Cell

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Characteristics and advantages of Lithium Ion Cell

High energy density,high consistency

The specific energy density of LFP power cells is 145wh/kg.

The specific energy density of the NCM power cell reaches 230wh/kg.

Industry leader in terms of battery energy density.

High static initial voltage consistency, matching capacity 1%, voltage 2mV, internal resistance 2mΩ.

Dynamic voltage difference is consistent. The charge-discharge cut-off voltage is highly consistent.

High consistency on attenuation trend. After a long cycle, the parameters are highly consistent.

Long cycle life

The lithium iron phosphate high power battery cell cycles more than 7000 times.

Power-type lithium iron phosphate batteries cycle more than 5000 times.

NCM cells cycle more than 1500 times.

High security

NO explosions, NO fires, and NO liquid leakage accidents over 200 million shipped cells.

In-depth research on the basic principles of battery cell thermal runaway, high-safety seperator selection, and automatically cut off the current under high temperature conditions.

High safety structure design, precise pressure relief device.

During the manufacturing process, burrs and magnetic metal impurities are strictly controlled.

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