Innovation, exploration

Innovation, exploration

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Security System Battery Security System Battery

Security System Battery

The solar energy security system solves the problems of environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, highway monitoring, industrial application, farmland monitoring, etc. The battery of this solution is widely used because of the advantages of no geographical restriction, with low maintenance cost.

Medical Battery Medical Battery

Medical Battery

Medical equipment is gradually developing towards miniaturization and portability to meet mobile office such as on-site rescue and patient transfer. Lithium battery power supply enables medical treatment to meet the requirements of fast, portable, lightweight, and Mobility. It is widely used in Monitors, ventilators, anesthesia machines, physical therapy, rehabilitation equipment, etc.



Intelligent AGV robots, it usually applied to AGV handling robots and AGV carts, patrol machines, greeting devices, service machines, delivery sorting robots etc. Its advantages are high automation, high safety performance, low maintenance cost, wide application range, can replace some special work or task even replace worker with the robots.

Smart cleaning robot Smart cleaning robot

Smart cleaning robot

The smart cleaning robot is used for cleaning the floors and windows of modern homes. The smart module can effectively identify dust, automatically senses anti-collision and anti-fall, and automatically works and recharges in the timing control mode, which replaces the traditional home manual cleaning method to a certain extent.

Electric bicycle Electric bicycle

Electric bicycle

With the promulgation of the new national standard, E-bike gradually is developing to lightweight and standardization direction, its character of environmental protection and low energy consumption meet the trend of future development. Sharing E-bike, changing battery of riders, green travel and other concepts are gradually into people's life.

Electric motocycle Electric motocycle

Electric motocycle

Motorcycles are a common medium and short-distance transportation tool for the majority of people. It has a wide range of applications. Electric motorcycles are driven by batteries. The cost of use is much lower than gasoline motorcycles. It is equipped with a brushless motor, with high torque output and maintenance. The advantages of low cost, low noise and easy control are becoming more and more popular.

Electric Sightseeing vehicle Electric Sightseeing vehicle

Electric Sightseeing vehicle

Electric sightseeing vehicle using lithium battery as power drive, green environmental protection and pollution-free, widely used in scenic spots, hotels, industrial areas, stations, terminals, airports, stadiums, schools, parks, amusement parks and other places.

Electric wheelchair Electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair

As a device to assist people with mobility impairments and the disabled, electric wheelchairs are an essential means of transportation for the disabled. They can be used in hospitals and homes. They use power batteries as driving energy and are equipped with electronic operating systems. They are widely used.

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